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"The CVAC Jaguars are a track and field club. Our goal is to promote, encourage and develop the widest participation and highest level of proficiency in the sport of athletics from childhood onwards."


Track & Field Practice Information

A BIG thank you to all the coaches and helpers that have come forward to make this season possible. Many of the coaches have stepped up to take extra coaching assignments so we’ll be covered for next week’s practices and I have a few more coaches that will be able to help out a little later in the season.

First timers:
For those that are new to track and field, the first practice is going to seem like complete chaos. Don’t worry we’ll get the new athletes into the routine quickly. For parents and athletes new to track and field I will be holding a “Get to know Track and Field” session. We we’ll go over some of the rules, show you some of the equipment and let you know what to do when things don’t go as planned.

Practice times:
Practices start Tuesday March 26! The athletes are expected to be ready to start warm up at their start time.

JD 9-13 year olds 5:30 to 7:00
Seniors 6:45 to 8:00

For the first two practices we will be including the JD 13 athletes in the JD practice. Depending on skill level and experiance we may move some JD 13 to the senior practice. Let’s get through the first two practices and see how we make out.

As the Senior athletes are specializing in specific events they will decide which stations to attend on their own.

Senior High Jump: like last year the senior high jump session will be split into two. Session one is for for athletes who can jump up to 1.4 m and session two is for athletes that can jump more than 1.4m (Ben that’s you)

All athletes will be required to check in and check out of practice. The check in/check out sheets will be at the equipment shed. IF AN ATHLETE CHECKS IN BUT DOES NOT CHECK OUT I WILL BE CALLING THE PARENTS/GUARDIANS TO MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS OK and I will not be able to leave the SportsPlex until I know everyone made it home safely. I enjoy being around the SportsPlex but not so much so that I want to spend all night there. PLEASE CHECK OUT.

If you are new to track and field here are a few hints to help out:

- Athletes don’t need special equipment, just runners and clothing appropriate for running, jumping and throwing in. Keep the weather in mind when deciding what to wear.

- Bring a water bottle, fill it before you leave the house and take it home with you after practice

- The only reason we will cancel a practice is if the weather has made the conditions unsafe. I will review the conditions on the day of practice. If a practice is going to be cancelled I will post it on the club website by 4 pm on the day of practice.

- I will be holding a “New to track session for parents” during the first two practices. This is a good time to see some of the equipment your athletes will be using, find out how the track meets work and learn some of the rules parents have to follow.

- We do not have a secure area for fragile or valuable items, we strongly suggest you leave those at home.


Helpful Documents
JD Athlete Group Assignment: shows which group each one of the JD athletes are assigned to for the first two practices. These groups will be adjusted as necessary

JD Athlete Group Rotation: this is the stations the JD groups will rotate through during practice.

Station Description: outlines what each station is and the coach and helpers that are assigned to the station.

Cell Phone: Cell phones are not to be used during practice. This applies to JD and Senior athletes and coaches.

Outstanding Payment:

If you have not paid any of the following; registration fee, volunteer deposit and/or jersey deposit you will be required to do so on the first practice or the registered athlete will not be permitted to take part in any CVAC practice or event. Payment will be accepted at the first practice on March 26th.
 Todd Blumel


Track Status




(UPDATED - Apr. 22, 2019)

Important Dates

Island series meet dates for 2020:
• Alberni – Bob Dailey Meet: April 25th - 26th
• Victoria – Dogwood Invitational: May 9th - 10th
• Nanaimo – Elwood Wylie Meet: May 23th - 24th
• Duncan – Garriock Meet: May 30th - 31th
• Comox – CCCP Solstice Meet June 20th - 21th

High Schools:
• Mid Island High Schools – TBD
• Island High School Championships – Nanaimo: May 13th - 14th
• BC High Schools – Langley: June 4th -6th

Other Meets:
• BC Championships Jamboree (Senior): - Kamloops: July 10th - 12th
• BC JD Championships – TBD
• BC 55+ Games: - Richmond: Sept 15th - 19th

Membership Information

Club Registration

To become a member of the CVAC-Jaguars, interested athletes need to register with us and pay the club fee.

Registration for the 2019 season is now OPEN and available online for all interested athletes. Priority has been given to returning athletes and their siblings who registered before midnight February 19. The club caps membership at 110 in order to maintain a reasonable coach-to-athlete ratio and to ensure access to equipment during practices.

On February 20th, registration will open to new members in the order we receive their applications and payment for their registration dues. Membership is not finalized until membership dues and volunteer deposit are received. Registration can be done in person at the Island Savings Centre on Feb. 20 (see below).

The following payments are due on registration night:

  1. Registration dues
  2. Volunteer deposit ($150 post dated June 30, 2019)
  3. Jersey deposit ($35 post dated June 30, 2019)

Club clothing might also be available for purchase. Membership can be completed online by following the link on this website or in person at the Registration and Parent Information Night.

Registration and Parent Information Night:

  • Date: Wednesday, February 20
  • Location: Island Savings Centre (Koksilah Room)
  • Time: 6:30-8:30pm

Registrants must be at least nine years old (born in 2010). There is no upper age limit.

NOTE: Until payment and deposit have been received you are not officially a member of the club. Payment is due before the end of February. If you have not paid your club fee prior to this date, you place yourself at risk of losing your spot. 


Please refer to the following when sending an e-transfer for payment of registration fees:

1) Use the following answer for your security question: CVAC2019 (must be uppercase)

2) Include the athlete(s) name(s) in the message box.

Email payment to: [email protected]

Mail cheques to: 6571 Nevilane Drive, Duncan, BC V9L 5S4



Membership Fees

The CVAC Club registration fee covers your BC Athletics membership, CVAC's membership, as well as registration fees for five track meets that are part of the Vancouver Island Series (VIAA) plus two events at the Dogwood Track Meet (they give medals at this meet). It also covers coaching clinics, track rental, rental insurance, etc.

Fees for 2019 are as follows:

JD (2010 - 2006) $215.00
U16 (2005 - 2004) $225.00
U18 (2003 - 2002), U20 (2001 - 2000) $249.50

Athlete Registration Fee Assistance

For families in need of assistance in paying registration fees for athletes, there are at least three organizations (Athletics for Kids, KidSport, and Jumpstart) which cover sport registration fees (up to $400) for athletes (up to 18 years) in low-income families. Please click on the links for more details.

Membership Links

Early Registration

Registration is now open for returning athletes and family members only. Registration for new members will be accepted online starting Wednesday, February 20, 2019. Registration for our club is managed through TrackieMe. Click on the button below to access the form.

Track Meet Information

Track & Field is a sport comprised of various event disciplines based on running, jumping and throwing. Within BC Athletics, these events are further categorized into Sprints & Hurdles, Middle & Long Distance, Horizontal Jumps, Vertical Jumps, Throws, Combined Events and Walks.

The sport of Track & Field lends its name from the main competition venue which traditionally includes within a stadium, an oval track/running surface surrounding a grass field. Track & Field has roots as far back in history as 776 BC at the Ancient Olympic Games in Olympia, Greece.

Track Meet Documents

Island Track Meets Information

Vancouver Island Meets

Club members are encouraged to participate in as many of the island meets as possible. Below is a listing of the meets planned for this season.

Apr. 25/26, 2020 Bob Dailey Memorial 2018 Results Alberni Valley Track Club Bob Dailey Track, 4480 Vimy St. Port Alberni
May 9/10, 2020 Dogwood 2018 Results (PDF)  Athletics Victoria

Centennial Stadium, University of Victoria, Saanich, BC

May 23/24, 2020 Elwood Wylie 2018 Results Nanaimo Track & Field Club Rotary Bowl Stadium, 355 Wakesiah Ave. Nanaimo, BC
May 30/31, 2020 Garriock 2019 Results (PDF)  Cowichan Valley Athetics Club Cowichan Sportsplex, 5847 Chesterfield Ave, Duncan, BC
June 20/21, 2020 Comox/CCCP Solstice Meet  2018 Results (PDF) Comox Valley Cougars Vanier track, Comox Valley Sports Centre 3001 Vanier Drive, Comox, BC  


Track Meet Photo Gallery

2013 Meet Photos


2014 Meet Photos


2015 Meet Photos


2016 Meet Photos


2017 Garriock Meet


Our Programs

CVAC Athletic Development Program

The Junior Development (JD 9-12 years) and Senior (Midget 13+) program at CVAC follows the Long Term Athletic Development stages as outlined by Athletics Canada. We are very fortunate to have dedicated and experienced Lead Coaches in Sprints, Hurdles, High Jump, Long Jump, Middle Distance and the Throws.  Our Senior Youth athletes who have competed at the National level give back to the club by sharing their experience with our developing Midget athletes. We encourage and provide opportunities for all Junior Development athletes to Run, Jump and Throw at every practice. CVAC members are encouraged to participate in multi events throughout the track and field season even at the Senior level....you never know unless you try where your hidden athletic talents lie. And FUN should always be in every stage of Athletic Development.

Athletics Canada: 9 Stages of Long Term Athletic Development

  • 1. Active Start
  • 2. FUNdamental
  • 3. Learning to Train (Age 9-12 JD's)
  • 4. Training to Train (Age 12-16 Midgets)
  • 5. Learning to Compete (Age 16-18 Youths)
  • 6. Training to Compete
  • 7. Learning to Win
  • 8. Winning for a Living
  • 9. Active for Life

CVAC Junior Development Program

Learning to Train Stage: (age 9-12)

  • To continue to enhance ABC’s (Agility, Balance, Coordination) to develop overall sports skills
  • To begin to integrate physical, mental, cognitive and emotional components within a well-structured program
  • To develop physical literacy

CVAC Senior Program

Midgets (Age 13-15) Training to Train Stage -"Building the Engine"

  • To develop endurance, strength and speed
  • To develop athletics-specific skills and fitness

Youths (Age 16-18) Learning to Compete Stage -"Challenge of Competition"

  • To develop event specific area physical preparation
  • To introduce event specific protocols to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • To implement event area specialization
  • To integrate physical, mental, cognitive and emotional development



Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD)

What is LTAD?

Human development from birth to adulthood is a continuous process. To understand the process better, experts divide human development into distinct stages with special characteristics; these are called stages of development. In Canadian sport, experts have identi ed seven stages of development, each with its own physical, mental, emotional, and cognitive characteristics. This is our Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, and it’s the basis for the optimal training and competition kids need to enjoy sport the most and perform their best.

Why do we need the LTAD model?

Because participation in recreational sport and physical activity has been declining and physical education programs in schools are being marginalized. Because the international performances of Canadian athletes have been declining in some sports. Because other sports are having trouble identifying and developing the next generation of international athletes. Because NOT matching skills and activities to a stage of development has serious negative consequences, and Canadians and the Canadian sport system have been suffering from them for some time.

To mention just a few of them:

  • Children don’t have fun;
  • They develop bad habits because of the over-emphasis on winning;
  • Their skill development is poor;
  • They don’t reach their optimal performance level;
  • Many burn out and drop out of sport. 

For more information on Athletic Development, please download one of the following documents.


Documents (PDF Downloads)

Our Weekly Practices

Weekly Practices

practiceFirst Practice: TUESDAY, March 27th, 2018

WHEN: Tuesday and Thursday

TIME: 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm for JD 9 -12 Athletes; 6:45 to 8:00 for SR (13+) Athletes

WHERE: The Cowichan Sportsplex track on Chesterfield Road. All JD Athletes are to wait behind the numbered cones placed in front of the equipment locker.  JD’s warm up in a GROUP (with a leader).  Senior Athletes (13+)  are to meet near the picnic tables so they can do their warm  around the Sporsplex rubber trail as a GROUP (with a leader).


  1. During practice times, for safety reasons, ONLY current CVAC members and their parents are allowed on site. All others are required to leave.
  2. ONLY designated volunteers are allowed in the equipment locker.
  3. Please do not bring valuables to practice as we can not be responsible for them. We are not able to store backpacks in our equipment locker.
  4. Athletes must remain onsite during the practice sessions unless accompanied by a coach.
  5. Please come to the track prepared for anything as conditions can change quickly at this time of year. It is recommended that athletes wear several layers of light clothing including a windproof/water resistant outer layer.
  6. In the event that practice needs to be cancelled (monsoon) we will be communicating this via your email and on the website by 5 pm the night of the practice. 
  7. Please label your water bottle and clothing you bring to the track. If you leave something behind, it will be placed in the “Lost and Found” basket.

Volunteer Information

Volunteer Commitment

The CVAC Jaguars Track & Field Club relies solely on volunteers for its operational success. We cannot operate as a club without volunteers and the hours are greatly appreciated by all the athletes (your children). 

There are many ways to contribute. Volunteer hours include volunteering at: VIAA track meets as high jump officials; the Garriock track meet; coaching and assisting athletes, or volunteering in another capacity agreed to in advance by the CVAC Executive Directors. 

Our track Club is one of the largest on the Island. In order to support our athletes, we have implemented a policy that requires a $150.00 deposit to cover the volunteer commitment from each athlete’s family.  At registration, if you know in advance you cannot commit to 6 hours of volunteering plus 4 hours dedicated specifically to the Garriock track meet (the CVAC’s home meet) you can choose to make a $150.00 donation to the Club.  If you choose this option, you will not be included on the volunteer hour tracking. 

Our preference, however, is that you’ll choose to contribute a minimum of 10 volunteer hours per family. We require 6 hours of volunteering thoughout the season plus 4 hours specifically at the Garriock track meet. At the end of the season and after your completion of 10 hours your Volunteer Deposit cheque will be returned or destroyed or, if at the end of the season, you have not completed the volunteer hours, the cheque will be deposited.

The post-dated Volunteer Deposit cheque (dated June 30, 2019) will be collected during the Registration & Parent Information night.  Please note your child will not be completely registered until we receive your Volunteer Deposit cheque. 

Volunteer Hours Tracking System

All volunteer hours/tasks will be tracked in one of two ways:

  • using a sign-in sheet available in the Volunteer Folder; or
  • using an online program called “SignUp Genius”

Both methods are simple to use and we’ll review them at the start of the season.

At the end of the year, the Volunteer Coordinator will review the volunteer sheets. Families will be notified if they have not met their volunteer requirement.

High Jump Sign-up

Follow the links in the listing below to signup online to volunteer for High Jump Officiating at meets you plan to attend. Use the password sent to your email address in order to login.

Track Meet Location Date Sign-up
Bob Dailey Port Alberni Apr 27/28, 2019
Dogwood Victoria May 11/12, 2019
Elwood Wylie Nanaimo May 25/26, 2019
Garriock Duncan June 8/9, 2019
Solstice Comox June 23, 2019


Criminal Record Check

Thank-you very much for considering helping out the club by volunteering your time. Under the Criminal Records Review Act, organizations that are licensed or receiving funds from the provincial government must have staff who work with children undergo a criminal record check. BC Athletics requires a Criminal Records check for the following: 

  • BC Athletics Staff 
  • Regional Athletics Coaches
  • BC Athletics Contract Employees 
  • BC Athletics Board of Directors
  • All Coaches registering with BC Athletics – Club and *Unattached 
  • Club Board of Directors, Executive, Club Managers/Staff 
  • BC Athletics Registered Officials 
  • BC Athletics Team Staff - Coaches, Managers/Chaperones 
  • BC Summer Games Zone Team Staff – Coaches and Managers/Chaperones 

While the Act does not currently include volunteers who work with children, the CVAC-Jaguars, as well as many other organizations, require volunteers, such as coaches, officials and chaperones, to have criminal record checks performed. 

The CVAC-Jaguars have now registered with the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP) Applicant Based Online Service. As part of this process, the club has signed and agreed to the terms and conditions for the CRRP Applicant Based Online Service to facilitate criminal record checks and sharing of completed criminal record checks.

Please login to the website below and utilize the access code to get a new Criminal Record Check (CRC), or to share an existing CRC from a previous organization. The access code provided below is unique to the CVAC-Jaguars and is required by volunteers when submitting an online request:

Online Link: https://justice.gov.bc.ca/eCRC/

Access Code: M3L7CX2YCF

Garriock Track Meet Volunteer Commitment

Garriock Meet - Concession & Barbecue

The club will be running the concession stand as well as a barbeque with food for the athletes and other meet attendees. Only adults and athletes age 16 or older are permitted to help out.

Garriock Meet - Friday Night Setup

We need lots of help getting things setup for the meet on Friday night. Please choose an activity from those listed. Don't worry about whether or not you have experience. We will provide on the job training if needed! I have included baked goods as a signup. If you are planning to help by baking, please bring your items to the track on Friday night. Pizza and beverages will be available to all volunteers.

Garriock Meet - General Help

Our club is responsible for setting up the hurdles for each of the hurdle events at our meet on Saturday and Sunday. As well, a number of volunteers are needed for various other responsibilities related to track events.

Garriock Meet - High Jump Officiating

Our club is responsible for officiating the High Jump event at this track meet. Three volunteers are required for each time slot. Choose from one of the time slots listed on the sign-up form. If your son or daughter is planning to enter this event, you may choose to officiate during their time slot if you like. High Jump events take place both Saturday and Sunday.

Garriock Meet - Hurdles & Track Events

Our club is responsible for setting up the hurdles for each of the hurdle events at our meet on Saturday and Sunday. As well, a number of volunteers are needed for various other responsibilities related to track events.


Awards Information


BC Athletics, a branch of Athletics Canada, is the provincial non-profit amateur sport organization for Athletics. The purpose of BC Athletics is to promote, encourage, and develop the widest participation and the highest proficiency in Track & Field, Road Running, Marathon, Ultra, Cross Country & Trail Running and Race Walking in the province of British Columbia.

Click on the links provided to access or download BC Athletics resources related to provincial athletic awards and recognition.

About Our Club

Introduction to Our Club

We are the Cowichan Valley Athletic Club (aka CVAC JAGUARS). We are a Track and Field Club for the youth of the Cowichan Valley. We encourage all young people to try track and field. You never know if your son is the next Dylan Armstrong (BC Boy who is a World Class Shot Putter). Your child will learn how to compete in all of the basic track and field events as we do a rotation training. Before the first Island track meet they will know what to do.

We also encourage all members to attend at least one track meet on the Island, if not more. If you are new and young, we encourage you to view track meets like a Sports Day and try everything and make it a fun day. We will be there in our tent to help you out and support you.

There are also awards at different levels that many of our athletes have achieved. There are Vancouver Island Awards, and Provincial BC Athletics awards. We are amazed at how well our athletes did last year.

Our club also hosts a track meet in June, called the Garriock Track Meet. This is particularly fun for all family members as we all join together to make this a success. Kids and parents together volunteer, and compete, and we are known to have the best track meet on the island. Last season we even had a parent/coach relay.

We are a member of BC Athletics and like them, our goal is to encourage and develop the widest participation and highest proficiency in the sport of Athletics from childhood onwards. The Junior Development (JD 9-16 years), U18 and Senior (U18+) program at CVAC follows the Long Term Athletic Development stages as outlined by Athletics Canada. 

We run a rotating program for Athletes aged 9-16 (JD program = Junior Development). Athletes older than this are usually starting to specialize and we try to help them develop in their events of choice. We offer them coaching clinics and help them develop their own training program.


Parent Participation

The success of our club is based on the active participation of our members. Members are needed to help set up and put away equipment at practices as well as volunteer a little of their time officiating at track meets they plan to attend. Parents’ participation is required to help the club offer a full scope of events.

Our track club is responsible for officiating the high jump event at every island track meet. Each season, a short, high jumping clinic is offered for all parents. Every family is expected to participate in officiating the high jumping event at every meet that they attend. This will only require an hour or two for the full weekend. There are seven island series track meets.

Also, each year, CVAC hosts the Garriock Meet, which is a huge success because of our awesome volunteers! Many volunteer positions are available ranging from feeding the officials to setting up the equipment.

Vancouver Island Athletics Association (VIAA)

Our club is also a member of the VIAA. Through the VIAA, our members can particiate in 5 Island Track meets and one pentathalon meet. Most of these track meets are called 'Sticker Meets' and they are free with your membership. The Track Meet at UVIC is the only VIAA meet that our members can not attend for free (they give medals).

The VIAA is an informal association of all the competitive track and field clubs located on Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and Powell River [Zone 6]. Members assist the other clubs in hosting and officiating at the two series hosted by the VIAA: the VIAA Track and Field Series ~ a series of 5 to 7 track meets held from April to June each year and the VIAA Cross Country Series ~ a series of 5 to 6 cross country races held in two parts, late fall and early spring. We owe the VIAA a debt of appreciation.

To learn more about the Vancouver Island Athletics Association click here.

Our Track Location


5847 Chesterfield Ave,
BC V9L 3M2

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