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2020 CVAC Board

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There are a couple of new faces on the CVAC board, we’re pleased to welcome Julia Hengster as Coaching Coordinator and Tammy Isaachsen as Secretary. Everyone is looking forward to their input and fresh ideas. Equally important is that fact the Tammy has some big shoes to fill, quietly in the background Susan Else has filled the roll of Secretary for a few years, she has always been there when needed and did an amazing job for the club. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Susan on everyone’s behalf for all she has done.
As for the rest of the board everyone was more than willing to continue in their current positions:
President - Todd Blumel
Vic President - Charles Lazenby
Secretary - Tammy Isaachsen
Tresurer - Danny Meyer
Coaching Coordinator - Julia Hengster
Registrar - Leslie McGee
Equipment Coordinator - Mike Dailey
Volunteer Coordinator - Jodi Buttle